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Welcome to Gmail
Blackle - Energy Saving Search
Blogger: Sign In
Mundo Consumido
XFig Version 3.2.5-alpha3 User Manual
Google Patents
LnobreG - Nobre's Web Hub
alges portugal - Google Maps
Google Page Creator
Google Groups
Associação Habeas Data | Google Groups
Habeas Data :: Index
WordPress › Login
Horas agora OLED news, forums, articles and more.
CLIP - Autenticação
Departamento de Física
Astronomy Picture of the Day
ESA - Science - Home
Parceiro Pensador | Pensando os animais (racionais) com a diligência possível
FrontPage - HabeasData
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NASA - Goddard News

Edmund Optics - InfiniStix™ Video Lens
Edmund Optics - AVT Guppy IEEE-1394/ FireWire Cameras
Edmund Optics
Ask E.T.: Formalizing Photographic Aesthetics
Ask E.T.: Techniques of environmental political action in small towns
Ask E.T.: Using poster techniques during a talk
EcEn 360 Tutorials-Maxwell's Law-Lorentz Force Equation
E. E. P. D. - Products
eFunda: General Information on Steels
Capacitor Energy Storage - Electricity Storage Association - storage technology, caes
Elite Bastards - Scythe Quiet Drive review
Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system
Severall Helps
EMKO Case a.s.
EMKO Case a.s.
The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part I) - Engadget
Summary of Engineering Research
Dr A R Champneys
Prof S J Hogan
The future of the international trading system
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Debian -- Debian-Installer
Debian -- Debian-Installer Ports Status
Debian -- Debian Installation Report Template
Debian -- Packages
Debian GNU/Linux -- Alpha Port
Debian -- PowerPC Port (PowerMac)
ESA Portal
ESA - Observing the Earth - Earth from Space: The Bay of Biscay
ESA - Science - Home - Martian glaciers: did they originate from the atmosphere?
Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa
C strings: pointers vs. arrays
<-- Associação - Portugal Moçambique -->
EUL - Estádio Universitário de Lisboa
Analysis: Scientific Facts on Biodiversity | European Union Sustainable Dev.
Eutilia - International Trade Leads Import Export b2b Marketplace
EV World: The World of Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Fuel Cell and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
dvd::rip - A full featured DVD Ripper GUI for Linux, written in Perl
Video for Linux resources
Exponent :: an Open Source Content Management System
Home - eZ publish
3D animations with POV-Ray - descriptions, tutorials and samples for the POVRAY raytracing program FTW-S625F Pentium M Fanless PC
>> F L O >> Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Fairtrade | Resources | Links
caixa mini-itx
In Praise of the Purple Cow
In Praise of the Purple Cow
In Praise of the Purple Cow
Debian GNU/Linux on a Mac mini
NMR: Dr. Michael Ochs
FCT - Programa de financiamento plurianual
FCT :: Sistema de informação (Investigadores/Instituições) [2004]
Funda��o para a Ci�ncia e a Tecnologia
Home Page FundCienTecn
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Horários - FCTUNL - PT
Docente - FCTUNL - PT
Forum - FCTUNL - PT
Feasta: The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability
Feasta - Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq
Feasta - the Problem with Growth
liens Bande Dessinee
FFTW Home Page
FFTW Home Page
In A Lonely Place
Physics of Soft and Partially Ordered Matter Theory and Modeling of Liquid Crystals and Partially Ordered Matter
Flash Mob
LinCity home page
FNAC Online : Seja bem vindo !
Using xfig to create and update figures
FI-index - Farcade
On Prophecy, Catastrophe Theory, and The Omega Project
The Analytical Engine Table of Contents
Portal da FPME
Banco do povo
== Free Culture / About ==
== Free Culture / About ==
== Free Culture / About ==
The Free Linux CD Project
Free Pascal - Online documentation
Patent Searching Database
FreeRTOS-A Free RTOS for ARM7,ARM9,Cortex-M3,MSP430,MicroBlaze,AVR,x86,PIC18,H8S,HCS12 and 8051
FreeRTOS is a portable, open source, mini Real Time kernel. A free RTOS for small embedded real time systems
FrontPage :: The Cheating Heart of the Democratic Party by Paul Mirengoff
FrontPage :: The Cheating Heart of the Democratic Party by Paul Mirengoff
Fuel Cell Works Supplemental News Page serviço de fotografia digital on-line! serviço de fotografia digital on-line!
Fundação das Universidades Portuguesas - Programa CRUP/FUP
Fundação das Universidades Portuguesas - Programa CRUP/FUP
Futures Skills: Publications - Papers and short pieces written by Graham May
Superconducting Levitation
Find a G-TECH Reseller
Garmin: cf Que 1620
the VGA to DVI Conversion Box
George Eastman House Selected Lewis W. Hine Series
GeoBase - Geobase - ADDLINK Software Cientifico
Leave No Trace : Outdoor Ethics & Skills For Outdoor Users
The Nephroid Lab: Computing the Envelope of a Family of Curves
The Nephroid Lab: Projections, Profiles, and Envelopes
Digital Photogrammetry Research Group - Calibration of Low Cost Digital Cameras
Geomview Manual - Tutorial
Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion
Pavilion of Polyhedreality
Get Green
GL2PS: an OpenGL to PostScript printing library
NASA GISS: Science Briefs
Pinnacle PCTV/RAVE & Linux
Global Service Corps: International Volunteer Service Programs with Home Stays
The GLtron Homepage
RemasterHowto - GnoppixWiKi
GNU General Public License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GNU Lesser General Public License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory
AUCTeX - Sophisticated document creation
GRUB Manual - make a bootable CD
GSL - GNU Scientific Library - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
The GNU Hurd - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Gnuplot FAQ
More Google Products
Andrej Kobler - home page
Andrej Kobler - home page
Regulamento de Concurso SPM e SPF
Graphic Competitions - (Graphic Software)
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
GRE tests
Ecosystem Change : Level 1 - Summary of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
GreenFacts Studies
When war is peace, and vice versa
When war is peace, and vice versa
Greenpeace - Viva Amazônia
Greenpeace - Viva Amazônia
Greenpeace - Viva Amazônia
Coloured Tiles
Guardian Unlimited | Life | The end of oil is closer than you think
GuIT - Pagina dei download - TeX e LaTeX
: BOLSAS & SUBSÍDIOS : Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Gyroscopes - Everything you needed to know
HAMA - The Smart Solution!
Harley Davidson rentals in the Algarve. Rent a motorcycle in beautiful southern Portugal. Motorbike touring in Europe
CRS Engineering, UK and Germany - Heat Pipes and Heat Sinks Manufacturers
CRS Engineering, UK and Germany - Heat Pipes and Heat Sinks Manufacturers
Five Cellular Automata: The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction
Microdrive 3K4
Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13)
High Performance Systems, Inc.
High Performance Systems, Inc. / ithink Version 7.0
HPS industrial B.V.
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Apollo Image Library
Hubbert Peak of Oil Production
Hurst Manufacturing Company
Hush Technologies 2004
Hush Technologies 2004
Aldous Huxley : Brave New World
The HTML Writers Guild
Superconducting Cosmic Strings
IAPMEI - Homepage
The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineeing Laboratory
Solarix 8A / 12A / 20A / 30A
The Open Source Cookbook Homepage
TuxPPC: iBookLinux Edition
How to use Metapost?
How to use Metapost?
How to use Metapost?
Lattice Boltzmann
Download lattice Boltzmann implementation
Rock Climbing
Industrial Computer Products - Mini-ITX, Embedded Boards and Systems, Rack-Mounting PC's, ICP, EPIA.
IEN Online: Product News For Design Engineers
Carlos Bertulani
Carlos Bertulani
Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt K uiper Belt Kuiper Belt Kuiper Belt
IFOR NOVA - Instituto de Formação da FCT/UNL
GrADS Home Page
cddafs homepage
python propaganda
Amaya - Windows
ILCC 2002
ILIAS open source
Publications -- Douglas N. Arnold
Publications -- Douglas N. Arnold
ImageMagick: Command-line Tools: Convert
ImageMagick: Command-line Tools: Convert
ImageMagick: Command-line Tools: Convert
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Publications by author
AEC-6910.pdf (application/pdf Object)
AEC-6910.pdf (application/pdf Object)
3.5" Sub-Compact Boards from Icop
LaTeX enhanced mac-emacs
Hong Kong SAR Government Information Centre
FLOSS homepage
Scott Madry Home Page
FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) Home Page
Manuel d'utilisation de FAI (Fully Automatic Installation)
Inforpor2002 - HomePage
Infrae Products: Silva
I N K S C A P E . Draw Freely
Apresentação - Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial
Apresentação - Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial
iNSnet - internetwork for sustainability, sustainable development
iNSnet - internetwork for sustainability, sustainable development
iNSnet - internetwork for sustainability, sustainable development
iNSnet - internetwork for sustainability, sustainable development
Portuguese worst at recycling, study shows
iNSnet - the cost of air travel
iNSnet - internetwork for sustainability, sustainable development
Instant-Grid | Ein Grid-Demonstrations-Toolkit
IOL: SA solar research eclipses rest of the world
IOL: SA solar research eclipses rest of the world
Various UNOFFICIAL sources for APT
Iomega Europe > burning CD: drive: CD burner: nas: CD storage: driver: backup: zip: dvd recorder: hard disk: data transfer: floppy disk: data: CD writer: backup drive: burn CD: storage area network: network attached storage: predator
Low-frequency response of ferronematic liquid crystal
Catastrophe theory in physics
EBS-FL366 – a New Fanless Computer for Harsh Applications
Flash Disks
Synapse Presents - SAGEM
Domenico Talia home page
Ethical finance explained
Tahchee - A Cheetah extension and build system - JRex SBC family with fanless 300 MHz to 1.0 GHz processors.
Japan for Sustainability - Information Center
ACE-855 Miniature 55W PSU
Jetmedia, Industrial Compact flash memory cards
David Horowitz
David Horowitz
Jim Loy's Mathematics Page
La marque jaune
JoBlo's Movie Trailers: Your Guide to Movie Trailers on the Internet
KCake - Home
Fortran 90, 95, 2003,77 Information Resources
Kee Klamp - Global
Kepler Mission: A Search for Terrestrial Planets
Properties of Maraging Steels | News for Oregon and SW Washington | Local News
Knoppix Linux
Knoppix Remastering Howto - Knoppix
USB Based FAQ - Knoppix Documentation Wiki
KODACHROME Processing Laboratories bank -
Konarka develops photovoltaic products - Konarka Products
MOPSlcdGX1 - Geode GX1 fanless 300MHz, LCD/CRT Graphic, 2xLAN, 2xUSB, 2xCOM, CompactFlash socket
CFC-ADA-1, CompactFlash/Microdrive adapter on 2.5" size, master/slave jumper
X-board<861> with 32MB DRAM and 32MB Flash
JRex-CAGE1 embedded line enclosure, no JFLEX
MOPSlcdTM - Transmeta Crusoe 800MHz, GRAPHIC, DDR-SODIMM, 2xUSB,2xCOM, LAN, PC/104+
Kontron - PC/104 Boards
Kustom PCs Power Supplies non ATX Nude Girls Erotism and Art
LAM/MPI Parallel Computing
guanaco, a real time implicit surface (cross platform) tracer
Knuth 3:16
Networks of Defect Lines
50star.gif (GIF Image, 280x158 pixels)
E.C. Gartland, Jr.
E.C. Gartland, Jr.
Liquid Crystal Image - Hybrid Aligned Nematic Film
What Will It Feel Like?
SVG in Gnome
Liantec ITX-6810 Mini-ITX Intel Pentium M / Celeron M EmBoard with Tiny-Bus Modular Expansion Solution
The Problems of Halting Economic Growth
Mirko Maischberger | Wallpapers
Linkam Heating/Freezing Stages,Hot Stage,Warm Stage,Cryogenic Coolers,Cold Stage,DSC,Rheology,
Linklint - fast html link checker
Debian Users Worldmap with Locations or Debian Friend Finder
Debian CD - Debian CDROM - Debian DVD - Debian GNU/Linux - Official Debian
LCS - Debian CD Order form
Mandrake Linux PPC
M-Systems Disk-On-Chip 2000 and Linux
Linux Online - DNS - dynamic
Linux1394: Home
Linux1394: Reporting Problems and Getting Help
Welcome to Linux
LXF Awards Nominations
Encoder un dvd en divx/xvid sous linux
:: Welcome to LINUXFUND ::
-- --
Linux from Kindergarten to High School
Quixote: a Python-Centric Web Application Framework | Linux Journal
PDA Freedom with OpenZaurus | Linux Journal
Linux Movies Group
Linux Resource: Top
LiViD - The Linux Video Project offers fanless small pc, mini pc and small computers - quiet, silent little pc products
Introduction to Parallel Computing
sci_python.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
Homepage of Cristian Barbarosie
Homepage of Cristian Barbarosie
LNT Home
LogiCampus Open Source Course Management / Distance Learning Education Platform
Logic Supply - Leaders in mini-ITX Solutions Fanless Systems
Logic Supply - Leaders in mini-ITX Solutions VIA EPIA EK8000EG Mini-ITX Mainboard
Logisys manufactures small car pc, mini pc, small slim pc, smallest pc, small mobile pc for limit space.
LOJApple... bons produtos!
Terrestrial Impact Craters Slide Set
Phase diagram of water and ice
Analytical abstracts
The Programming Language Lua
LuaTeX - Self Publishing - Free - Self Publishing - Free - Self Publishing - Free
MPI on Debian
Product Page: DiskOnChip 2000 (DIP)
Product Page: iDiskOnChip (DiskOnChip IDE Pro)
M-Systems - mSSD
M-Systems - Products - mModule CF 5000
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games - Word for the Wise
Maxima for Symbolic Computation Program
Math Games:Vector vs. Raster
Intel Mac Mini cluster - MacResearch
Macromedia Flash Player Download Center
Macromedia Flash Player Download Center
HOWTO Install Debian on the Intel Mac Mini - Mactel-Linux
Utopian/Dystopian Book Reviews
OSEx 0.0110a1 - MacUpdate
Macworld: Editors' Notes: The Mac mini: Inside and Out
Maraging 250 / Maraging C250 / Vascomax C250 Nickel Alloys & Super Alloys - Inconel, Monel, Alloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Multimet, Haynes, Invar, Kovar in sheet, plate, bar, wire, pipe fittings, forgings and flanges - Magellan Industrial, Supplier of specialty metals.
Ferrero magic-kinder
Scientific Articles
[SOCALWUG] Linux Wifi how-to/Deluo USB GPS unit A Fusion Reactor for the Rest of Us
Fitting a Sine Curve to Data - Maple Application Center - Maplesoft
Mario Livio » More Books by Mario Livio
NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Mars at Ls 93 degrees | Mars Today - Your Daily Source of Mars News
Auto-Tracing: How To Convert Bitmaps To Vector Drawings - Robin Good's Latest News
HTML Page of MatHSoliD Applet
Alloying of Steels
LaTeX, Emacs etc. for your PC
Noel J. Walkington
Noel J. Walkington
Web Page of Don Estep
Web Page of Don Estep
Lew Lefton's Home Page
Lew Lefton's Home Page
Yang Wang's Home Page
Yang Wang's Home Page
Parametric Curves and Arc Length
76: Fluid mechanics
H.W. Broer
Swallowtail Catastrophe
Byrne's edition of Euclid
Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Magnetism and Earnshaw's Theorem
Surfaces of Revolution
Giampaolo's HomePage
Giampaolo's HomePage
Brian Duffy
Brian Duffy
Professor Sean McKee
Professor Sean McKee
VascoMax� T-250 Specialty Steel, Heat Treatment: 816�C (1500�F) + Age
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Maxwell Technologies: Ultracapacitors - BOOSTCAP PC5-5
Debian packages, distributions, the /etc/apt/sources.list file
The Tipping Point
mCubed Information Technology GmbH
mCubed Information Technology GmbH
Mahesh Gupta, Polymer Processing, Rheology, Elongational Viscosity, Extensional viscosity, Extrusion, Extrusion Dies, Injection Molding, Viscoelasticity, Flow Simulation, Design with Plastics
Mahesh Gupta, Polymer Processing, Rheology, Elongational Viscosity, Extensional viscosity, Extrusion, Extrusion Dies, Injection Molding, Viscoelasticity, Flow Simulation, Design with Plastics
Macintosh Products Guide
CyberScience : Introduction
Memória Persistente - Consultoria e Serviços Informáticos
Seagate 5GB Type II Compact Flash Card
Quixote Applications
Mentor Spain
William T. Freeman
William T. Freeman
Medical Engineering Technologies - Engineering and Scientific Solutions
PV-5120A-S pc104 power adapter
Micro Máquinas::PC<MIC>®::::
Video Shop
VIA EPIA ME6000 Fanless
iMedia MythTV Linux
Mini-Box M300 - store - store - store - hush silent mini-itx pc
VIA EPIA EN12000E Mini-ITX [VIA-EN12000E] - $333.97 :, Canada's source for Mini ITX products
VIA EPIA SP13000 Mini-ITX [VIA-SP13000] - $260.97 :, Canada's source for Mini ITX products
SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin
3.5" JRex Board Power Supply and Enclosure - RU
A Community of Companies
Untitled Document
Movie-List - Movie Trailers. Period.
The Mozilla Organization
Getting Started
MathML in Mozilla
Authoring MathML for Mozilla
Authoring MathML for Mozilla
MathML Torture Test
Fonts for MathML-enabled Mozilla
MathML in Action
Mozilla SVG Project
Download A Mozilla Theme
MP3Car.Com Store VIA EPIA SP8000 Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard
IDE Flash Solutions
Boxed, Cased PC\'s
Chapter 7. Encoding with MEncoder
Silvio Levy
Silvio Levy
Multigadget - Compact Home
Museletter # 135 / May 2003: The Petroleum Plateau
My Friend's HOT MOM!
Nabuur | Your online volunteering opportunity
NAPSCO North American Part POWER TRANSMISSION Search Company
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
NFN - Gondwana Forest Sanctuary
NATO Who's who? Director of Policy Planning, Jamie Shea
MaxEnt 2000 Home Page
Nec/Tokin Capacitors
Product > Speciality Products > Proton polymer battery > Outline
Learn How to Tie a Tie at
Research in the Systems Biophysics Group
David Kastrup
David Kastrup :: Software archive
New Scientist News - Doomsday vault to avert world famine
NewsForge | Installing Debian From Scratch
NSP - Home Page
NEXCOM Industrial Computer, Industrial PC, SBC,NexBlade 64 bit Blade Server,64-bit blade server,EBC Embedded PC, NSA Network Security Appliance Master,MAXI Compact PCI
NEXCOM Industrial Computer, Industrial PC, SBC,NexBlade 64 bit Blade Server,64-bit blade server,EBC Embedded PC, NSA Network Security Appliance Master,MAXI Compact PCI
NIST Software
The US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu
Untitled Document
[NTG-context] ConTeXt + FEATPOST
[NTG-context] ConTeXt + FEATPOST
[NTG-context] ConTeXt + FEATPOST
Elements Docs | Introduction
Object Mentor - index - Wator
Octave Home Page
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OECD Observer
Oficel - Electrotecnia, Lda. What's New in Python 2.3? When Pythons Attack
OpenDNS > Get Started > General instructions for home network routers
openMosixview cluster-management GUI
The OpenPPC Project
Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome "Connecting The Unconnected"
Orbit Micro - The Leading Global Industrial Computer Company
Orbit Micro - The Leading Global Industrial Computer Company
Embedded Boards
Embedded Boards
mathml at ORCCA
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution -- Presentations: Linux
Getting there & away
Routes in Meteora
Oreivatein Home Page
Welcome to Orion - The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change
Welcome to Orion - The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change
Welcome to Orion - The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change
The Gallery of Annoying Email Signatures
Linux LiveCD Roundup -
Civilization defined and explained in plain English
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
A study of decline
Tipos de empresas
Scott Pakin's LaTeX stuff
IVS home page
General Paranoyaxc - PCTV Deluxe USB
Parvus Datasheet -- PC/104 DuraChassis™ 5x5 PC/104 Enclosure
parvus Corporation -- Your guide to PC/104
Online NewsHour: Three Gorges Dam - October 8, 1997
Acheter pentium sur PC-LOOK.COM
Magicstor 2.2GB CF flash hard disc microdrive from
PC/104 | 2004 PC/104 Design Contest
PC/104 Embedded Solutions
PCI Geomatics Products Overview
Automate Your Image Processing
PCSilent - quiet CPU-Cooler, quiet fans, quiet insulated cases, quiet power-supplies
Quiet socket 479 cooler for Intel Pentium M CPU / Online-Shop
FlexPDE finite element model builder for Partial Differential Equations
Pentax Photography
Petzl Sport - equipment and techniques - climbing, caving, mountaineering, via-ferrata, canyon
Lattice Boltzmann Methods
Engineering a Beowulf-style Compute Cluster
liquid-crystal-like cellular automata
V.Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection (Compounds of Uniform Polyhedra)
Rob's page of VPython applications for Teaching Physics
World Year of Physics 2005
As Much Hot Water As Your Need Or The Sun In Trap
As Much Hot Water As Your Need Or The Sun In Trap
Bard's Home Page
Planet Ark : Development Around Mediterranean is Eco Risk - UN
Planet Ark : Development Around Mediterranean is Eco Risk - UN
Planet Ark : Development Around Mediterranean is Eco Risk - UN
PLiG - Internet Sunshine - Air OS
PLiG - Internet Sunshine - cars for computers
DRM causing difficulties for libraries news story in Online -
DRM causing difficulties for libraries news story in Online -
POV-Ray: Resources: Links: 3D Animation Utilities
Preservation Institute
Preservation Institute
After Oil Peaks
Big Wall Climbing Home Page
Project Mayo - /projects/index.php
Protocase Incorporated - Redefining Enclosures: Mini-ITX Enclosure
Center for the Study of Complex Systems
Industrial PCMCIA cards and storage solutions for embedded computing & industrial PCs, Chrysler DRB III scanner (II); Ford/Hickok NGS (New Generation Star) tester (series I); GM/Vetronix Tech2 scanner, Korg PA80, etc.
XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs
The Parallel Tools Consortium
pygame Code Repository
pygame Code Repository
Python Imaging Library Handbook
QuantumSoft and pro Fit: plotting, data analysis and curve fitting for Mac OS
Communism at Questia - The Online Library of Books and Journals
Quotes of the Day - The Quotations Page
Rainforests and Species Extinction
Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth, by William Clark, updated: Jan 2004
RealClimate » The False Objectivity of “Balance”
RedfishGroup - Santa Fe
Earth News: Mississipi Dead Zone
The future is eco-technology, says Dimas
The future is eco-technology, says Dimas
The Seneca Rocks Web
Ricoh Europe
YASB: Yet Another SVG Browser
Welcome to
Robots Exclusion
Rolic Technologies Ltd. - Liquid Crystal Technology - LCD, LPP, cholesterics, electro-optics... Heart of Darkness : Politics
Welcome to Rosle USA This is rotten dot com
Neb33.jpg (JPEG Image, 333x500 pixels)
About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org
Welcome to the RPM repository on
RPM resource netpbm
Redefining Progress
RTMARK: It happened because we said it would™
RTMARK: It happened because we said it would™
RTMARK: It happened because we said it would™
Easter Island
SAF-T-LOK Online Shopping
Macintosh Information and Download Page
SAHANA | Free and Open Source Disaster Management System
SAHANA | Free and Open Source Disaster Management System
SANE: Supported Devices
SANE: Supported Devices
AP Wire | 07/28/2006 | Scientists: Get used to killer heat waves, blame global warming
Sargent-Welch - Notebook-Sized Periodic Tables
Sarsen Technology UK - TigerSHARC DSP Systems
Sarsen Technology UK - TigerSHARC DSP Systems
Catastrophe Theory, seven elementary catastrophes.
Steven Gibbs
Schneier on Security: Deniable File System
Schneier on Security: Deniable File System
Schneier on Security: Deniable File System
Science & Technology at Scientific Ultra-efficient Organic LED Outshines Lightbulb
Michael Holst (
Michael Holst (
Brazilian Journal of Physics - <b>Lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals based on new Ni, Cu and Zn Ionic magnetic fluids</b>
Science Addiction » 95 Theses of Geek Activism
ScienceDirect - Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science : Simulations of liquid crystals in Poiseuille flow
2005 VISUALIZATION CHALLENGE: Photography -- Gramling 309 (5743): 1991b -- Science
2005 Visualization Challenge -- Suplee and Bradford 309 (5743): 1989 -- Science
Science Magazine: Tragedy of the Commons? -- Web Resources
SciPy Scientific Tools for Python - Weave User's Guide
SciPy Scientific Tools for Python - Conference Schedule
Science Toys
Channel Bonding between PCs
How To Tie A Tie - Presented by
.:Scribus:. GPL Desktop Publishing and More
Using dhcpcd instead of pump
Scythe Europe - Ninja - Katana - CPU Cooler
STL File Format
SToP: Silent Terminal Project
Society of Environmental Journalists: SEJ Publications
Semicom. Suppliers of Protech, Sanyo, Effinet,Hantouch,IC Haus, Kiosk assemblies, Single Board computers, LCD Kitsolutions, Passive products, Opto and RF products and PC Systems
Bud Boetticher Movies
Photogrammetry - RemoteView
Serdex Solutions Oy, Ltd.
Serener Silent and Mini ITX Solution
Automtic Watering: Terra Cotta Potted Plant Design - SHOP.COM
Buy Modems Trust Mini USB ISDN Modem - Cheap prices
Welcome | Shuttle Group
Contact | Where to buy
LC Technology
world network
SIGMA Lenses
Power Supply Fundamentals & Recommendations ::
VIA EPIA EN12000E: Today's most efficient CPU & mainboard |
Simmons Speaks of Peak Oil
USB boot on Linux
USB boot on Linux
SINFULSHIRTS.COM - Funny t-shirts offensive shirts cool t-shirts Cool shirts
Examples of algebraic surfaces
SINGULAR - A Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations
Oasis Automatic Plant Watering System
Linux drivers for Philips USB webcams (including some Askey, Samsung and Logitech cameras)
Croquis de Portugal
Chicxulub Impact Crater, Radar Image
Solving Problems Using MAPLE and MATLAB
Source Mage GNU/Linux
Space photos and images, NASA pictures, astronomy photography
Space: 1999 Net
.: The ultimate Space Invaders Shrine : The Classic Arcade Videogame by Pixeleye Interactive :.
David Steinberg -- Erotic by Nature Declared Obscene
SpeedMedia, Serviços Multimédia, Lda
Re: Pinnacle PCTV pro settings
Re: Pinnacle PCTV pro settings
Grupo (Informal) de Utilizadores de (La)TeX, Portugal Designer
Practical Mathematical Optimization - Optimization Journals, Books & Online Media | Springer
Numerical Data Fitting in Dynamical Systems - Numeric Computing Journals, Books & Online Media | Springer
Numerical Optimization - Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control; Optimiz...Journals, Books & Online Media | Springer
Computing and Visualization in Science-Springer Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis Journal
SpringerLink - FeatPost
SpringerLink - FeatPost
SpringerLink - FeatPost
SpringerLink - Article - swallowtail catastrophe
SpringerLink - Article
SpringerLink - Article
SpringerLink - Article
Springer - Home
Springer - TEX, XML, and Digital Typography
Consulta do Viajante
Archer Energy Systems' StarDrive Generator page
Experimental Design (Industrial DOE)
Weaire-Phelan bubbles
Stephen Wolfram: Official Web Site
Stephen Wolfram: Official Web Site
Steves Digicams - Microdrive
solid state disks on STORAGE search .com
100 icebergs floating toward NZ - New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on
Exif Photo Studio
Maraging 300 Alloy Steel [VascoMax 300 (tm)] Material Property Data Sheet
SurfOnTheSafeSide: World's Best Internet Protection: +30m porn & paedophile pages blocked, 1m sites checked/month.
Web Survey Software, Customer Employee Satisfaction, Free Online Survey Templates
Beating Kelvin's partition of space
Ken Brakke's Home Page
Ken Brakke's Home Page
The Nobel Prize for Sustainable Development
Explore SVG - Links to Scalable Vector Graphics Examples and Resources
The Swarm Development Group
Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
Royal Talens welcomes you to the world of colour !
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals -- Instructions for Authors
Tangram Technology Ltd. - Polymer Data File - PES
Foam Physics, Trinity College Dublin
Foam Physics, Trinity College Dublin
Foam Physics, Trinity College Dublin
assessment of cold fusion research
Thomas M. Fink
Hardware : Embedded - Tech Listings and News -
The Get-Ready Men
Technology Review: Emerging Technologies and their Impact
Coriander Home Page
Springer-Verlag NY - Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers
Terra Soft Home
Trabalhos de Acesso Por Corda
Trabalhos de Acesso Por Corda
Ludgero Paninho
Ludgero Paninho
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
GNU TeXmacs home page (FSF GNU project)
Welcome to GNU TeXmacs (FSF GNU project)
Welcome to GNU TeXmacs (FSF GNU project)
8.4.1 Plain Carbon Steels
Casting Shadows: Photographs by Edward West
PCs Industriales
::: the future of ideas :::
::: the future of ideas :::
::: the future of ideas ::: : Others Coolers : Others Coolers movies games books software music
The First Post : Global warming has saved mankind
The First Post : Keep your million dollar prizes
One man's battle to get U.S. to kick oil
Life in a Post-Carbon World :: main
Linux Video Stream Processing Tool
The Ram Company, Home Page.
Royal Society opens free online archive | The Register
Therion Homepage - It's time Canada gets serious about energy
The experimenters Store
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
Nó de gravata: Como fazer um nó de gravata
Italian Eco-Friendly Valley Is Model for Europe
Free Clocks for Your Web Site
The Linux Documentation Project
The Linux Documentation Project: Guides
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO
Linux Cluster HOWTO
System Administration and Configuration
Linux From Scratch
MetaPost to SVG Converter
Customizing live-cd's
Sanctuary Forest
Tri-M Systems and Engineering - Featured Products
Tri-M Systems and Engineering - Kontron
Tri-M Systems and Engineering - M-Systems
TEBM-B1651,Trusty Technology Inc.,industrial computer specialist,single board computer,IPC,Embedded board,Panel PC,rackmount LCD/KVM,SBC,rackmount chassis,industrial power supply,CPCI
David Kastrup cannot resist climbing a coconut tree
TeX Users Group (TUG) home page
Hypertext marks in LaTeX: the {hyperref\protect \edef cmr{cmss}} package
metapost Info Page
MetaPost - TeX Users Group
[metapost] Fwd: Re: all intersections between two paths
2 Experiences and Lessons Learned Teaching LATEX to a Group of University Students
XemTeX : an integrated platform for high quality scientific typesetting
1 Enabling Web-access to a Database of Calculus Problems Using LATEX, PHP and LATEX2HTML
From LaTeX to MathML and Beyond
TUGboat 23(3/4), 2002
Jeremy's `Hey - it Works!' columns
About TurboGears
Movement Video Capture Page Home
Towards a New Ethic of Science
Ubuntu - wikipage
Universal Computer Systems - Adam units Ucs Ltd uk industrial computers suppliers uk
Directório de Apoios Financeiros à Inovação e ao Conhecimento
United Nations Millennium Development Goals
Jonathan M. Lees
THE BOTTOMLESS WELL: Are We Running out of Energy?
The battle for an ethical buck
Melchior FRANZ (Me and my dog)
OHCHR: Portuguese (Português) - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Publications at Experimental Physics V
ZiF: The Sciences of Complexity
Heiko Hecht
Heiko Hecht
Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals
451-421 Multi-Image Photogrammetry
Jonathan Copp: Photographer
Intro to Photogrammetry
So you want to be a consultant...?
Principles for Responsible Investment
User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static
Class 349: LIQUID CRYSTAL CELLS, ELEMENTS AND SYSTEMS / U.S. Patent Classification Definitions
Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: Mounting OS-X "Unix" filesy
Valle dell'Orco
VIA Technologies, Inc.--miniITX--ENseries
VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!
Chapter 9. Advanced use of VLC's stream output (transcoding, multiple streaming, etc...)
Chapter 4. The command line interface
Portal Oficial do Turismo de Portugal
Voodoo Doughnut - The Magic is in the Hole!!!
Journal of Visualization
Journal of Visualization
Amaya Home Page
SVG Implementations
Putting mathematics on the Web with MathML
Word Processor Filters
Unicode Characters: 02200 to 022FF
Characters, Entities and Fonts
ISOGRK3 Characters and Glyphs
Walter Sorrells is a bladesmith
BeatrIX Linux: Small,
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
The China Crisis: Spectacular Growth Now Biggest Threat To Environment
World Conference on Physics and Sustainable Development
Welcome to WDM
Web3D Consortium - Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication
Thomas Winischhofer - XFree86/Linux and SiS graphics chipsets
WinSystems - Products - Miscellaneous - PC/104 Enclosure
International Classifications at WIPO
Wired 14.05: The Resurrection of Al Gore
Wired 14.05: The Next Green Revolution
KLUWER academic publishers | Open Source GIS
Feed Me, Feed Me, Feed Me!!!!!
Chikrii SoftLab: News
Chikrii Softlab: Word2TeX: What Is That?
First exposure of pubic hair
Steels Used by Knife Makers.
World Scientific
Rich-Poor Divide Growing | Worldwatch Institute
Vital Signs Online | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #165: Winged Messengers: The Decline of Birds | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #162: The Anatomy of Resource Wars | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #158: Unnatural Disasters | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #154: Deep Trouble: The Hidden Threat of Groundwater Pollution | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #150: Underfed and Overfed: The Global Epidemic of Malnutrition | Worldwatch Institute
Worldwatch Paper #143: Beyond Malthus: Sixteen Dimensions of the Population Problem | Worldwatch Institute
The Mac DVD Resource - DVDbackup
Fixed Point Math Tutorial
Documentation for the X Window System Version 11 Release 6.8.2 (X11R6.8.2)
DFI G5M100-N : Pentium M Mini-ITX
Xah: Special Plane Curves: Astroid - The Personal Currency Assistant (tm)
XEmacs: List of XEmacs mirrors and download sites
:: Moçambique, terra da boa gente ::
XnView viewer & CLOE raytracing
Pitronics - Over Robots :: Home of the XviD codec
YDL Home
PowerPC LinuxPPC: Yellow Dog Linux for PowerPC Computers
PowerPC LinuxPPC: Yellow Dog Linux for PowerPC Computers
PowerPC LinuxPPC: Yellow Dog Linux for PowerPC Computers
ZARM / Interface Phenomena: Numerical Simulation of Static Interfaces
Polygon Project Homepage - Students Communication Using Pictures
EastSouthWestNorth: A Chinese View of iPod City - The Ultra Battery - The Ultra Battery
Planet Earth Stereogram (cross-focused)
Panoramic Photogrammetry Workshop
Aceros Especiales
Naturaleza cristalina de los materiales
The Envelope Theorem and Its Proof
C. T. Kelley's Home Page
Dr. C. V. Pao
Dr. C. V. Pao
Research of Pattern Formation
Laurence Finston's Web Site
Xavier Litrico's Home Page
The X Movie Player System
jigl - Jason's Image Gallery
Yosemite Association - Virtual Yosemite
Welcome to the home of ZipCentral
LaTeX & MetaPost
ZZZ online | Latest number
ZZZ online | Number 81
Google Adwords
CLIP - Autenticação
Apple Developer Connection Member Site
j3d-webstart: Java 3D Web Start Example Programs
java3d: Java 3D Downloads: Release Builds
TUG2004: Preliminary program
webmin login MJPEG HOWTO Project Info - Open SVG Viewer Project Info - p7zip community services login page
Welcome to Gmail
Google Page Creator
Welcome to LinkedIn

ecoenergia - Produtos em Energias Renováveis
Aerogeneradores Savonius gratis -
ENERGUIA - Directorios - Fabricantes
La Tienda de energia renovables
Generadores de turbinas eólicas
Bornay Online - Aerogeneradores
Microwave wind generator
Vela Creations - HOME
DIY 1000 watt wind turbine
Spain Microsite
Himin Solar Energy Group


- Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Canterbury
Stirling Engines
Stirling Energy Systems Inc. - Home Page


Thermal Design and Heat Sink Manufacturing & Testing - Total Thermal and Heat Sink Solutions from Enertron Inc. - Heat Pipes
Research in the ENERGY GROUP
Therma-Base Vapor Chamber Heat Sink Thermal Solution
Therma-Tower Heat Pipe Heat Sink Thermal Solution
Heat Pipes and Heat Sinks Manufacturers


How an eccentric lathe works
Ellipsograph drafting apparatus - Patent 4045875
KMODDL - Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library
Van Schooten's ellipsograph
Macchine Matematiche
Elliptical Turning Association - An Ellipsograph for Small Ellipses Adapted from a Patent
Tutorials - Drawing Ellipses
Browne Ellipsograph
collections database
Online Register of Scientific Instruments


Chapter 18: Other Version 4 Physlets
Giancoli, Physics : Principles with Applications, 5/E
Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets
How to Make Applets
Java 2 Platform SE v1.3.1: Package javax.swing
Jython Essentials: Chapter 1: Introduction to Jython
Java Platform 2 Version 1.4.x for Linux: Status and Information

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Worldwide Producer - The finest Italian Ironwork - Arteferro Products & Work
Wrought Iron Products - Catalogue Options
Wrought Iron Designer Craftsman - Decorative Arts
mansarovar impes
..:: Fatih Ferforje::::::::::Fatih Wrought Iron ::..
Beechfort Wrought Iron - Manufacturer & Distributor of wrought iron products, Ireland
Bologna Fiere

Polyhedron Production

A Teacher's Guide to Building the Icosahedron
Polycell's Home Page
Descartes's Formula.
Virtual Reality Polyhedra
V.Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection
Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)
The Geometry Center Welcome Page
Applied Synergetics Home Page
R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics
52B - Polytopes and polyhedra
Geomag as a Teaching Aid
The Meccano Model Library: What is Meccano?
Investigating Patterns: Polyhedra Pastimes - Where math, art & fun come together!
Google Directory - Business > Consumer Goods and Services > Toys and Games > Blocks and Building Kits
Temple Games
Famous Curves Index
Graphics Archive - Lord Kelvin's Conjecture Disproved (II) by Stuart Levy, John Sullivan, Ken Brakke
The Geometry Junkyard
The Geometer's Sketchpad®
Book: "Polyhedra" by Peter Cromwell
Helena's Origami Page
Sphere Packings
The Math Forum Home Page
Tom Gettys - Polyhedra Hyperpages


Um portal do mundo da pornografia: Bad Girls Blog.
Wallpaper Magazine BellaDonna Realm - Sexy and Beautiful Women for Your Desktop
Ana Beatriz Barros by gonzofolio
First exposure of pubic hair
Sexoteric Blog
Unscathed Corpse
ascii pr0n . com
Planet Manu
infosex home - at
Photo Art Gallery
Peter Stanick media - Titties compilation (1)

ImageJ Quik Quirks
Index of /debian-cd/images/3.0_r3/powerpc
Tides and Gravitational Locking
Index of
Free Software Business Strategy Guide
Graphics from the command line Project Info - Fig2Vect
ALASKA....Faces of Life in the Far North
The PracTeX Journal - TeX Users Group
FreeWRL Home Page
Water-powered water pumps - Appropriate technology: Journey to Forever
Discovery Missions
ClimatePrediction.Net gateway
Physics News Graphics
Physics News Graphics: Liquid Magnetic Froths
Embedded computers
Create Debian Linux packages
ATLAS Outreach Works
Aqsis Renderer
André Heck: Courses and Tuturials
Europam | EPIA Motherboard
How To Set Up A Debian Linux WebCam Server Using a USB Web Cam
Meteorologia - DESNÍVEL
Boot Linux from a FireWire device
:: ClusterKnoppix - Main
LAM / MPI Parallel Computing under Octave
Craft a load-balancing cluster with ClusterKnoppix Project Info- MetaPost
[tex-live] texlive as Debian
[tex-live] texlive and debian
[tex-live] Distributing Customised TeX Live
Lamina Design
Index of
DebianBeowulf - DebianWiki
Announcement: Debian cluster tools.
The ROOT System Home Page
Cinderella: Referências de caracteres e entidades [Documentação]
Using Debian From Scratch
Exploring Dystopia: Main
Internet Manía
PluginDoc: Linux (x86)
Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Naming Polygons and Polyhedra
blog Luz e Sombra
Barnes & - Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar
Asia Times Online
ASPO Newsletter
Unofficial Debian Packages
Organic LED Displays (OLEDs) - The Next Trend?
CFTCUL: Jorge M. Pacheco
Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
Debian Cluster Tools
The GNU-Darwin Distribution
DarwinPorts Home
Paul Bourke - Personal Pages
Parallel Processing HOWTO
Welcome to Euler
The GMT Home Page
Mathomatic Home Page
The MayaVi Data Visualizer
Modulef - Welcome
NCAR Graphics
3ivx D4 4.5 - MPEG-4 Compression
Ananova -
* Consumer Angst
Cheap Thoughts - Mathematics
L. M. Pereira - Ensino e Solucoes
ARPENTEUR HELP - photogrammetry
Adding Java Applets to Your Page
Maxima - A GPL CAS based on DOE-MACSYMA
Axiom Computer Algebra System - Summary [Savannah]
The Algae Programming Language
Zero growth: Information From
Predator-Prey Lotka-Volterra and more
Albert Bartlett On Growth
Albert Bartlett On Growth
Taylor Series -- from MathWorld
Conselho Científico [página inicial]
Rotas & Destinos - Saúde - Segurança nos trópicos
Chicxulub crater, Mexico and the Cretaceous - Tertiary boundary
Index of /~jgoerzen/dfs
Parem as Patentes de Software na Europa!
Moçambique - Wikipédia
Software Livre no SAPO
ties-gray-2bpp.gif (GIF Image, 1200x1037 pixels) - Scaled (57%)
Teoria dos nos de gravata
Update-cluster usage guide
Extension Room :: MNG Support
MNG XPI for Mozilla Project Info - MNG/JNG support for Mozilla
Debian From Scratch
Welcome to Clusterix
NCU-1000 Fanless CPU Cooler 478
Maraging steel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The HIGHLANDER Sword Shopper's Guide - Grades of Steel
Nieto knives - Aceros de Hispania.
Cuchillos y espadas, Aceros Hispania, Knives, swords and sabers.
Sword Making Resources the End of Innocence
Cristian Barbarosie
Spherical geometry diagrams is gnuplot the right tool?
Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Marble trade sucks Indian villages dry
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Millions 'will flee degradation'
American Scientist Online - The End is Nigh
All-mechanical maglev, motor-powered supermagnet levitation
The Point Position
GForge CDE: Collaborative Development Environment
Debian Reference
Debian Reference - Network configuration
Do it yourself : The CFR experiment by JL Naudin
Features - OpenSSI
Unofficial Debian Packages
Basic UNIX commands
Satelliteimages QL
No Man's Land Flash Anime
Animation Corner - Animated Film Tests, Short Films, & Character Design Artwork
Kidney Stones in Adults
The MEG - "Motionless Electromagnetic Generator" from Tom Bearden
MSN Encarta - Electric Motors and Generators
The Homebuilt Dynamo - Introduction
Samarium Cobalt Magnets - Online Catalogs
Understanding and Using Permanent Magnets, Chapter 1
Cálculo e Análise Infinitesimal — ANINF
The Definitive Guide to Plone — PloneDocs
The Definitive Guide to Plone —
Cubic Close Packing -- From MathWorld
Lusotopia.Carlos Fontes
Welcome to Plone — A sombra da tecnologia
Autohoje Online - Fórum - Folhas verdes
DebianNetinstall - Linux DSL Wiki
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
EUROPA - Education and Training - ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels
Good and Bad Procrastination
Richard Hamming: You and Your Research
Bounty County - Coding bounties for free and open source software projects.
ACIME - Guia de diversidade gastronómica Sabores do Mundo
Featpost +246featpost+
Cathleen the Irreverent
APOD: April 8, 1998 - Nabta: Older than Stonehenge
Red Sprites and Blue Jets
APOD: November 28, 1995 - Shadow at the Lunar South Pole
SourceOECD: factbook
Eurostat yearbook 2005
Metodos de Avaliação e de Ensino na FCT
EUROPA - Research - Conference: Increasing human resources for science and technology in Europe - Homepage
Imlib Programmers Guide
Especial Eleições Presidenciais 2006
Reformar a educação superior - apontamentos
Python Imaging Library
Numerical Python
Convert Between Numerical Arrays and PIL Image Objects :::
Python Magick
Module PIL.Image
ScientificPython User's Guide
unicap - The uniform API for image acquisition devices
PyX - Python graphics package
Mathematical Physics Group — GFM
TWiki - Enterprise Collaboration Platform & Wiki
list of wiki software: Information From
AquaPC Quality Computers - Loja Online
AOpen Spain Home Page
SugarBank: Sex + Business = Porn » Blog Archive » Ten Signs You’ve Been Around Porn Too Long
fig2vect - yet another Fig to vector converter
chat abbreviations - a definition - see also: BRB, BTW, CUL, LOL, GIGO, ROTFL, chat terms, chat acronyms, acronyms used in online chatting
Acromyn Finder - The easiest way to Find Acronyms!
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Power from the people
AdI - Agência de Inovação
Entrar em ProfAux_FCTUNL
Welcome to Fab Central
PythonCard Home Page
ProfAux_FCTUNL: Bolonha: qual o modelo de classificação/notas ?
Homemade heat pipes - pcs hacks - _
OECD.Stat data
AgoraVox le média citoyen
Directory:Gun Engine - PESWiki
Mineral Time Capsules on Mars? -- Schriber 2006 (501): 1 -- ScienceNOW
Key AMPL Features
Spain Microsite - Wind power
Cellular automaton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ab nihilo : citations latines, locutions, expressions
A Corneta do Diabo: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
LnobreG - Nobre's Web Hub
(MetaPost) Animations MetaPost
Google Labs
Mars Odyssey Mission THEMIS
Karrigell - PythonInfo Wiki
perfect frame snooker
Moodle GIFT import format
Debian Live Initiative
Samsung develops 21-inch OLED for TVs | CNET
Supercapacitor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Electrolysis of Water and Fuel Cell Operation
Global warming and cooling during the past 400,000 years/TITLE>
US Patent Full-Text Database Boolean Search
esp@cenet Advanced Search
Utah - Kodachrome Basin State Park
Apel - pesquisa bibliog
Core Technology | World's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant to be Built with GE Investment and PowerLight Technology
Wired News: Solar Tower of Power Finds Home
Marshall Brain's Blog: Peak oil will be a non-event
Homopolar generator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tragedy of the commons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tragedy of the anticommons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Georgism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Golden Rule
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | How did we get so cynical?
Advice for a geek in a pool full of
On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research
Cynical quotes & quotations
Quotes - Cynical Optimists -
Liquid Structure
Boten Anna
A Popular Pictorial Introduction to Chaos
Instabilities and Catastrophes
Building Global Surface Models By Purposive and Qualitative Viewpoint Adjustment
Ultimate Boot CD - Overview Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
Do espírito ateniense | Parceiro Pensador
Recipe for Wheatpaste
Mission Statement - Central Campaign Wikia
How to Install and configure a Debian From Scratch system by Suramya Tomar
Cassini-Huygens Home
Booting Linux from Compact Flash - Gumph
Using CompactFlash Cards in Your Embedded Linux System | Linux Journal
Linux bootable USB key HOWTO - OpenFacts
Linux XFT and MathML - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
HOWTO Convert LaTeX to HTML with MathML - Gentoo Linux Wiki
Be cool! Be Aerocool! BSPonMPI A Parallel Fractal Explorer MPI Grid Ping openSSI webView
Sleipner Load Balancing openMosixHowto PVM++
Researchers Develop Enzyme Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell to Power Real World Devices
Kodak Introduces Innovative Flexible Display Technology
Debian Backports
The GENESIS Simulator
Conservation Ecology: Automated Techniques for the Qualitative Analysis of Ecological Models - Continuous Models
BellaDonna Realm | Sexy and Beautiful Women for Your Desktop The Beowulf Cluster Site
Banco Espírito Santo
Hall Lab Homepage
Java Platform 2 for Linux: Status and Information
Java 3D for Linux: Status and Information
Java Platform 2 Version 1.4.x for Linux: Status and Information
Knife blade steels by Deryk Munroe at custom knives, art knives, swords and daggers
Blaze Labs Research Pages
Bleu Jour
nice3100_datasheet.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Python Web Frameworks Overview
Boing Boing: Private Infringer: fanfic based on Captain Copyright
BoingBoing: Bruce Sterling SIGGRAPH 2004 speech "When Blobjects Rule the Earth"
Boreal: Expedition, Mountaineering, Trekking, Walking, Trail-Running, Climbing, Backpacks, Socks.
gworldwide --Boreal-- Trekkin
L'ours polaire dans la liste 2006 des esp�ces menac�es de l'UICN
Taxas de Câmbio de Referência - em Euros
Parque Montesinho
3.2.3 Steels
Brooks/Cole Home
[object HTMLImageElement]
Maxwell's Equations
USB Scanners under Linux
Cafédirect: About Us
Richard B. Frankel
Camp4: Aid and Big Wall Page
Software by Peter Miller
Capitalism Magazine - Individual Rights are the Moral Basis of Society : via epia-mii series mini itx mainboard : customizing your system step 1 of 3 : mini itx mainboards
Cappuccino : SlimPRO SP625F Fanless Pentium IV System
Career in Africa
Three-Or-Built The System-configurator
Modelling RWX for 30 Days in ActiveWorlds
Photography by Pete Harlow
CBC Radio | Ideas | Massey Lectures
TOP-C Home Page
CD-Recordable FAQ - section 5
La croissance zero... c1974
Glossary - Convolution
Cellergy - Electrochemical Printing Solutions | low cost EDLC Super capacitors
Dynamica - Blender Python Plug-in
Centaur Technology
IAPMEI - CFE - Homepage
Phil Rasch's Yorick Home Page
Stress Linux 0.3.1 : Cheeplinux
Debian From Scratch 0.99.0 : Cheeplinux
Rite Lok Industrial Products
chemsoc home page
The Tom Bearden Website - Chess News - Chess and the laws of physics
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
CIA - The World Factbook 2002
Ciência Hoje
Política de Ciência
ImageMagick v6 Examples
IM v6 Examples -- Annotating Images
IM v6 Examples -- Annotating Images
CiteULike: Multivariate Integral Perturbation Techniques - I (Theory)
Computer Laboratory - Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR-637
Ross Anderson's Home Page
Club Med
ClusterMonkey - Gigabit Switches, Channel Bonding, Opterons, and Large Memory Allocations:
Servidor www Oficial do Concelho de Castelo de Vide
Xd3d home page
Home Page: Eero Simoncelli
PostScript - 3D graphics using postscript?
The Code Project - Achieving PostScript and Wmf outputs for OpenGL - OpenGL
About Coin3D —
Alaska's Columbia Glacier Continues On Disintegration Course | News Center | University of Colorado at Boulder
Comedi - The Linux Control and Measurement Interface
COMMELL Embedded Miniboard
COMMELL Single Board Computer
Draw-to-SVG Converter
eBox-Thin Client
Optics of Complex Systems Group [Welcome]
Varese Ligure
Teenagers as Victims
Context Institute
Dorothea Jewell - Community Development That Works
Ann Weiser - It's Easier Than You Think
Cool Quotes Collection
"America kept in dark" as carnage escalates; U.S. TV accused of ignoring situation
Chinese Deputy PM Abruptly Cancels Meeting With Japanese PM
From The Wilderness Publications: How to Use This Website
Corbis – stock photography and pictures
COTEC - Conteúdo
Resources for Mozilla's native Scalable Vector Graphics implementation
Unfolding Polyhedra
Terminal Window
Creating a Zip bootdisk which runs Linux in a ramdisk
Enhanced Carbon Emacs
FrameMaker Utilities - FrameMaker MIF to LaTeX Translator
VolVis Project - Obtaining VolVis
VolVis Project
MPI Middleware over SCTP
Forrest Home Page
MPI Lab 1
mftrace - Scalable Fonts for MetaFont
About The Impressionist
Craig's Cynical Quotations Page
On Youthful Cynicism
TeX4ht: HTML production
From LaTeX to MathML and Beyond
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine
David W. Walker
Welcome to
CTAN: View package information
CTAN: View package information
The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Entry for docmfp, Ctan Edition
CTT Correios
Pythagorean Triples
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Cynical-C Blog: People Archives
The Cynical Web Site - Famous and infamous cynics
Jonathon Copp
Thiemo's homepage
History Damascene Steels
Smaller GIF Animations
Nós de gravatas e nós em geral
Home - DATA, Debt AIDS Trade Africa
Debian Administration :: Installing Debian onto USB flash media with everything encrypted.
Debian Administration :: Monitoring your hardware's temperature
Debian -- Debian-Installer
Debian -- Packages
Debian worldwide mirror sites
4.4. Preparing Files for USB Memory Stick Booting
debianHELP :: Militantly FREE software help.
Debian Planet - News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters.
Wolfgang K�hn's Home Page
steve dekorte - links
Silentium!-kit and silent PC components
Home - Demeter USA
Desktop Angels :: High Quality Wallpapers of Beautiful Women
Desktopia Free Wallpaper
2004 Calendar
Design Science: MathType Features
MathType for Windows vs Equation Editor
Departamento de Física
A página do J
Pandora Enclosure System for PC/104 CPUs
lamssi_rpi(7): overview of LAM's RPI SSI ... - Linux man page
Firewire DVD-ROM drive
Welcome to
Cartes mémoire XD Picture Card (XD) - Digital-Shopping
Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper
DIGITAL-LOGIC AG | PC/104 | MICROSPACE PC/104 | Embedded Computer Boards | MICROSPACE pc/104
ATX Power Switch with Cable and Connector-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices
Base Screws / Stand offs for Motherboards, A Set Of 8 Pieces-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices
Scythe NCU-2000 Fanless CPU Cooler for Socket 478/ 754 Aluminum & Copper-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices
VIA Computer Motherboards-VIA PC Mainboard VIA EPIA Motherboard VIA Mother Board - Best Buy Computer Online Store w/ Discount Prices;, Houston Texas The Official Site of DivX Video
Download the DivX Codec and Player
Séminaire de mathématiques supérieures
Domínio Público - biblioteca digital
Tri-M Can-Tainer - PC/104 Container Designed For Hostile Environments
PC/104 & PC/104-Plus - Range of PC/104 based CPU & peripheral cards and accessories from DPIE
Tri-M Systems MD104 - PC/104 DiskOnChip Carrier Module
Pandora Enclosure System - PC/104 Enclosure System for Generic PC/104 CPUs
Products from Diamond Point International
ATA2500 Tusker - 2.5inch Flash Drive, upto 4GB, fully IDE compatible
Storage Index - Range of solid state IDE and SCSI flash drives
Diário da República Electrónico - INCM
Outros Jornais Oficiais
Democritus University of Thrace /
Developmental Perspectives on Dyscalculia
EarthCam - Webcam Network
THE-EDGE: eco-cities
Baikal Watch: Home
ETI - Experiments
Emiliano Bruni WebSite - How to clone a Linux box using netcat
Abstract: Global Optimization Via Neural Networks Main Page
Conservation Ecology: Searching explanations of nature in the mirror world of math
Abbreviated Vita for Leigh Tesfatsion
Abbreviated Vita for Leigh Tesfatsion